Keep On Tweakin’, Don’t Stop

30 September 2009   ::
101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site
By Inside CRM Editors

The launch is the beginning. The tweaks never stop.

When Considering A Makeover

29 September 2009   ::
How to Hire the Right Web Developers
By Jennifer Shaheen

Alt-title: If Your Web Dev Makes These Suggestions, Listen

10 PR Golden Rules

19 September 2009   ::
Anatomy of a Pitch-Perfect Press Release
By Nancy A. Shenker & Marijane Funess

Say what you need to say.

Saving The Bottom Of The Page For Last

16 September 2009   ::
Top Notch WordPress Footer Designs (Best Practices & Tips)
By Editorial Staff in Showcase

For when you want your WP footer to kick butt.

Flash’s Appeal Continues to Fade

8 September 2009   ::  

Dr. Dobb’s (
HTML 5 Starts Looking Real
By Rob Cherny

It says quite a bit that Microsoft’s new online version of Office is not being built with Silverlight.

Context Matters

4 September 2009   ::  

New York Times
Magazines Now Create and Customize Ads
By Stephanie Clifford

It’s not what you say and who you say it to, but how you say it and where you say it.

Amazing Is An Understatement

1 September 2009   ::
Amazing Fonts
By BL Info

They might not be free but many are inspiring enough to make you reach for your wallet.