Making It *And* Eating It

30 March 2010   ::
Building and Maintaining an Online Brand
By Peter Prestipino

A refresher that’s refreshing in its simplicity.

Got Fans If Ya Want It

30 March 2010   ::
How to Build Engaging One-of-Kind Facebook Fan Pages
By Orli Yakuel

Good stuff. Just don’t forget one word… KISS.


29 March 2010   ::
10 Essential Design Tools for Social Media Pros
By Matt Silverman

Btw, there are not just for “Social Media Pros”.

The Simply Easy Things That Matter

26 March 2010   ::
What You Don’t Know About SEO
By Erin Weinger

Beware of page rank promising snake oil sellers.

What Parachute Is Your Color?

25 March 2010   ::
Points of Hue
By Christine Hansen

It’s not what you say, it’s what they see.

Keep It Stupid Simple

20 March 2010   ::
Keep Your Graphic Designer on a Short Leash
By Tim Ash

These ideas also apply to print. Btw, it’s not always the designer who’s gets too creative.

Look Ma, No Flash – Part 2

12 March 2010   ::
45 Fresh Useful JavaScript and jQuery Techniques and Tools
By Smashing Editorial

Hot on the heals of the post earlier this week comes more web dev fun and games.

Look Ma, No Flash

10 March 2010   ::
25 Amazing and Fresh jQuery Plugins
By SB Staff

They’re right, staying on top of jQuery plugins is a full time job. But oh what a great job to have.

Create Your Own Visual World

9 March 2010   ::
40 Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials
By Various

Amazing and lovely stuff.