Choice Is Good

27 April 2010   ::
30 Pure CSS Alternatives to Javascript
By Specky Staff

Sometimes making it pure and simple is the best way to go.

Don’t Be That Client?

24 April 2010   ::
How To Successfully Educate Your Clients On Web Development
By Aurimas Adomavicius

It should be noted that plenty of projects have been compromised by backseat drivers.

God Save The Ning

20 April 2010   ::
Ning: Failures, Lessons and Six Alternatives
By Jolie O’Dell

Now you Ning’em, now you don’t.

Logo A Gogo

17 April 2010   ::
Designer Days #1 – How To Create An Effective Logo With Help From The Experts
By Addy Osmani

We’ve seen much of this elsewhere before but a current client was asking and this fell from the sky at the right time.

WordPress Is So Fresh

6 April 2010   ::
45+ Fresh WordPress Tutorials, Techniques and Hacks
By SpeakBoy Staff

Great collection. There are even a couple on WP 3.0 which is currently in beta.

Not Just Big Brother Is Watching

3 April 2010   ::
5 Secrets of YouTube’s Success
By Wired

Ironic that YouTube isn’t close to being profitable yet is still considered successful.

Got Video?

1 April 2010   ::
Choose Wisely
By Jan Ozer

Simultaneous Multiformat Encoding
Wesley Thiessen

http Streaming: What You Need To Know
By Tim Siglin

How To Get Started With Amazon Cloudfront Streaming
By Larry Bouthillier

Many say video is the new gold rush.