What’s It Worth To Ya?

20 May 2010   ::  

Are We Ready to Play With Pay? The Content Value Reproposition
By Steve Smith

Accurate and well balanced (but lacking a mention of iTunes).

Don’t Be That Client?

24 April 2010   ::  

How To Successfully Educate Your Clients On Web Development
By Aurimas Adomavicius

It should be noted that plenty of projects have been compromised by backseat drivers.

Doing Better With Less

17 January 2010   ::  

18 Online Productivity Tools for Your Business
By Barb Dybwad

“Originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum.”

Survey Sez…

22 November 2009   ::  

Know Your Clients: How To Build Loyalty With Customer Surveys
By Laura Spencer

Yes, great idea. It’s probably about time we did the same.

Food For Thought

26 October 2009   ::  

Brand = User Experience: The Interface of a Cheeseburger
By Oliver Reichenstein

Super size it?

Print Is Not Dead. Long Live Print!

7 October 2009   ::  

The Ultimate Round-Up of Print Design Tutorials
By Callum Chapman

Online isn’t the only avenue for getting your message into the conversation.

Death To The Spin Doctors

6 August 2009   ::  

Interview of Bob Garfield
By Leonard Lopate of The Leonard Lopate Show

An exceptional enlightening experience in approximately 30 minutes. Be sure to check Mr. Garfield’s book The Chaos Scenario.

So Much For Homegrown – The Sequel

16 May 2009   ::  

Down To Business: What If Major League Baseball Had H-1B Caps?
By Rob Preston

Previously proven talent doesn’t always translate into wins, but ultimately no matter how you cut it the best team in the present does win.

So Much For Homegrown

8 May 2009   ::  

New York Times
Google’s Multicultural Work Force

No real story here. A true capitalist in a true free market has no prejudice. To fulfill obligations to  shareholders there are few things more important than finding the best talent and hiring it.