Never Skip Breakfast

23 August 2010   ::
40 Famous Quotes by Famous Artists to Inspire You
By Dimi Arhontidis

Breakfast for the creative soul.

The Simply Easy Things That Matter

26 March 2010   ::
What You Don’t Know About SEO
By Erin Weinger

Beware of page rank promising snake oil sellers.

Keep It Simple

13 February 2010   ::
The Definitive Guide To Styling Web Links
By Lee Munroe

Yes, it’s true, the NLM links can use a bit of a makeover.

Survey Sez – Part 2

25 January 2010   ::
Entrepreneurs: Mastering The Art Of The Online Survey
By Kern Lewis

The difference between gathering good data and bad lies in how you ask the questions.

Beats the Fear of Asking

14 December 2009   ::
Mashable’s Social Media Guide for Small Businesses
By Matt Silverman

Mashable delivers the goods once again.

Make It Stick

8 October 2009   ::
Prototype: It’s Brand New, but Make It Sound Familiar
By Mary Tripsas

Making it is hard. Making it stick can often be harder.

Keep On Tweakin’, Don’t Stop

30 September 2009   ::
101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site
By Inside CRM Editors

The launch is the beginning. The tweaks never stop.

Making The Most Of What You Got

28 August 2009   ::
In The Trenches: 9 Problems With Paid Search, 9 Real Tactics To Solve Them
By Josh Dreller

And please don’t discount the value of a good UI / UX once you pull them in.

Democracy Is Not Perfect After All?

27 August 2009   ::
Wikipedia to Limit Changes to Articles on People
By Noam Cohen

Power to the people — well, at least most of the time.

Death To The Spin Doctors

6 August 2009   ::
Interview of Bob Garfield
By Leonard Lopate of The Leonard Lopate Show

An exceptional enlightening experience in approximately 30 minutes. Be sure to check Mr. Garfield’s book The Chaos Scenario.

You Are What They See

22 July 2009   ::
Menus That Sell
By Linda Duke

Many of these ideas apply to collateral other than just restaurant menus.  Food for thought ;)

The Darkside Of The Power Of Advertising

21 July 2009   ::  

New York Times
Snack Ads Spur Children to Eat More
By Alex Mindlin

Who knew skipping adverts with TIVO could help you lose weight?

Choose Your CMS Weapon

13 July 2009   ::
Ten Simple Rules for Choosing the Perfect CMS + Excellent Options
Noupe Staff

In 2009 every web site should use a content management system (CMS). Our typical weapons of choice are Expression Engine, WordPress, and Drupal

An Oldie But A Goodie

8 June 2009   ::
The Golden Rules of Linkbaiting
By Smashing Editorial

A classic that’s still worth sharing since this idea keeps coming up in SEO discussions.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

6 June 2009   ::
Article Marketing Exposed: Professional How-To’s for Promoting with Articles
By Karen Thackston (

Since requires opening an account we’ll just feed you the best piece right here.

Writing like a Professional

When a blog, e-zine or other publishing website decides to run an article from a third party, it becomes a reflection on its brand. Therefore, publishers look for quality writing. Hone your writing skills for both headlines and content by taking advantage of some free resources like these listed below.

Daily Writing Tips ( This extensive resource offers tips for business writing, fiction and freelance, along with grammar and punctuation tips, vocabulary and basic writing rules. The site is updated often, so it makes a good addition to your feed reader.

The Roberts Group Writing Tips ( 11 Ways to Improve Your Writing and Your Business is an excellent online booklet that gives very practical, easy-to-understand guidelines to writing better copy.

Grammar Girl ( This collection of podcasts hosted by Mignon Fogarty attacks common writing questions, such as “who” vs. “whom,” and other writing stumbling blocks.

Direct Mail: Get Opened

25 May 2009   ::  

The NonProfit Times
Formats: 5 keys to determining the optimum format for your next appeal
By Tom Gaffny

Kudos to Mr. Gaffny for making his Question 1, number 1 on this list. There is never a better place to start than with the receiver of your message.

“Slowly And Clearly,” Requests The Receiver

25 May 2009   ::
10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation
By Tina

And now ask yourself, "How does Powerpoint differ from any other communication?" (Answer: Not too much.)

Maximize Awareness With Minimal Cost

24 May 2009   ::
Get The Right PR For Your Event In 8 Steps
By Beth Silver

A helpful list that can be applied to more than just events.

You Are What They Think You Are

24 May 2009   ::
Marketing Matters More Than Ever
By Robert S. Levin

Says Mr. Levin, “The reality is that marketing is on the back burner of most small businesses, but marketing is what puts your company on the front burner of your prospects.”

Leave The Spin At Home

19 May 2009   ::
How To Improve Your Branding With Your Content
By Rick Sloboda

Talk the talk. Walk the walk. And keep it all in concert.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Develop Better Habits

16 May 2009   ::
The Keys To Advertising When Sales Are Down
Kim Hiltachk

Naturally, copy, design as well as marketing decisions are all  part of successful campaigns .

Check Your Ego At The Door, Please

28 April 2009   ::
Is Self-Centered Web Copy Hurting Your Websites?

Don’t be mislead by the title, these apply online or off. Whether business or personal.

Three Charming Articles From Booz & Company

18 April 2009   ::  

Strategy+Business ( )

Note: To read S+B articles you will be asked to open an account. Invest the time, it’s an exceptional business resource.

50-plus: A Market That Marketers Still Miss
By Richard Rawlinson and Natasha Kuznetsova

The House That Ogilvy Built
By Kenneth Roman

Digital Darwinism
By Christopher Vollmer