Keep On Tweakin’, Don’t Stop

30 September 2009   ::
101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site
By Inside CRM Editors

The launch is the beginning. The tweaks never stop.

Saving The Bottom Of The Page For Last

16 September 2009   ::
Top Notch WordPress Footer Designs (Best Practices & Tips)
By Editorial Staff in Showcase

For when you want your WP footer to kick butt.

Context Matters

4 September 2009   ::  

New York Times
Magazines Now Create and Customize Ads
By Stephanie Clifford

It’s not what you say and who you say it to, but how you say it and where you say it.

Amazing Is An Understatement

1 September 2009   ::
Amazing Fonts
By BL Info

They might not be free but many are inspiring enough to make you reach for your wallet.

Making The Most Of What You Got

28 August 2009   ::
In The Trenches: 9 Problems With Paid Search, 9 Real Tactics To Solve Them
By Josh Dreller

And please don’t discount the value of a good UI / UX once you pull them in.

Templates Are People Too

17 August 2009   ::
20 Useful Resources To Download Free Website Templates

By MoiN
13 Awesome Collections Of Free WordPress Themes

By MoiN

Whether it’s for inspiration or for productivity, templates have a place in the tool box.

Death To The Spin Doctors

6 August 2009   ::
Interview of Bob Garfield
By Leonard Lopate of The Leonard Lopate Show

An exceptional enlightening experience in approximately 30 minutes. Be sure to check Mr. Garfield’s book The Chaos Scenario.

Let’s Get Down to CSS Business

4 August 2009   ::
Mastering CSS, Part 1: Styling Design Elements
By Cameron Chapman

When Smashing talks, web design and web development people (like us) listen.

You Are What They See

22 July 2009   ::
Menus That Sell
By Linda Duke

Many of these ideas apply to collateral other than just restaurant menus.  Food for thought ;)

The New UX Sheriff In Town

21 July 2009   ::
20 jQuery Tutorials And Plugins To Impress Your Friends
By Jon Phillips

Some of these are so good they’ll impress your enemies too.

The Darkside Of The Power Of Advertising

21 July 2009   ::  

New York Times
Snack Ads Spur Children to Eat More
By Alex Mindlin

Who knew skipping adverts with TIVO could help you lose weight?

Not Just What But How

7 July 2009   ::
10 Useful CSS/JS-Coding Solutions For Web-Developers
By Justin Johnson

Interesting stuff. Build it better and they will come.

Power Publishing To The People

5 July 2009   ::  

Publish Your Own Print Magazine

Publish Your Own Online Magazine
By Vanguardistas LLC

As they say, there are two sides to every story. We hope to be evaluating both of these very soon.

Adobe’s Flash Is So Friendster

29 June 2009   ::
10 Impressive JavaScript Animation Frameworks
By Jacob Gube

Or, 10 Reasons Why Abobe’s Flash Is Falling Out of Favor

Build it and they will use it

21 June 2009   ::
7 Rich & Creative User Interfaces and How to Create Your Own
Noupe Staff

Exciting! Not only what but how.

Good Clean Design Fun

17 June 2009   ::
4 Principles of Good Design for Websites
By Andrew Houle

Certainly not the only 4 but a nice refresher none the less.

Live & Learn And Photoshop

13 June 2009   ::
Complex and Sophisticated Lettering Designs Photoshop Tutorials
Staff Compilation

Saturday morning coffee and Photoshop go together so well, don’t they?

Let Them Make Phone Calls

2 June 2009   ::
American Airlines Web Site: The Product of a Self-Defeating Design Process
By Cliff Kuang

The problem isn’t the quality of the designers. Or organizational structure (per se). It’s priorities… The current design is AA-centric. AA made itself the #1 priority. It should be guest-centric. The Guest Experience should be #1.

Grab A Coffee And Read

28 May 2009   ::
Modal Windows In Modern Web Design
By Matt Cronin

And while you’re at it be sure to indulge in this one as well:
30 Scripts For Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes
By Smashing Editorial

Direct Mail: Get Opened

25 May 2009   ::  

The NonProfit Times
Formats: 5 keys to determining the optimum format for your next appeal
By Tom Gaffny

Kudos to Mr. Gaffny for making his Question 1, number 1 on this list. There is never a better place to start than with the receiver of your message.

“Slowly And Clearly,” Requests The Receiver

25 May 2009   ::
10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation
By Tina

And now ask yourself, "How does Powerpoint differ from any other communication?" (Answer: Not too much.)

You Are What They Think You Are

24 May 2009   ::
Marketing Matters More Than Ever
By Robert S. Levin

Says Mr. Levin, “The reality is that marketing is on the back burner of most small businesses, but marketing is what puts your company on the front burner of your prospects.”

Leave The Spin At Home

19 May 2009   ::
How To Improve Your Branding With Your Content
By Rick Sloboda

Talk the talk. Walk the walk. And keep it all in concert.

Professional Design Builds Trust

16 May 2009   ::
Optimizing Conversion Rates: It’s All About Usability
By Frank Puscher

Note: Usability, like any communication, is defined by the receiver.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Develop Better Habits

16 May 2009   ::
The Keys To Advertising When Sales Are Down
Kim Hiltachk

Naturally, copy, design as well as marketing decisions are all  part of successful campaigns .

How to look better without even trying

14 May 2009   ::
Styling your Lists: 20+ Brilliant How to’s and Best Practices

The title says it all.

The F Word – Part 1

12 May 2009   ::
15 Fresh High-Quality Free Fonts
By Smashing Editorial

A four letter word begining with F that we love to hear… Free. (Note: Some require registration.)

What A Way To “Waste” An Afternoon

6 May 2009   ::
50+ Truly Useful Photoshop Tutorials For Amazing Photo Effects
By AN Jay

Who needs Twitter when you can devote hours at a time to Smashing Magazine and actually learn something?

The Best of the Best, Sir

3 May 2009   ::
50+ Promising Collection Of Resources And Inspirations For Designers To Discover The Best Of The Web In April
By AN Jay

So thorough and exciting it will exhaust you.

The Power of Typography

23 April 2009   ::
Creative Print Typography Layouts
By Matt Cronin

Fresh examples of how the smart use of typography can effect your visual perceptions.

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