More Fuel For The WordPress Fire

21 August 2009   ::
40+ Awesome Tutorials and Techniques For WordPress Theme Developers
By TM Staff
21 Great Plugins to Manage Multi-Author Blogs Efficiently
By Editorial Staff

As if there isn’t enough to know already. Another weekend down the drain thanks to WP.

Mega Might Just Be An Understatement

20 August 2009   ::
Mega CSS Resource Roundup
By TM Staff

Be careful that the proverbial kitchen sink doesn’t hit you in the head.

SEO: Another Piece For the Puzzle

20 August 2009   ::
10 Must-Read Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogs

Nice round up. The irony is the URL’s of aren’t SEO friendly. Go figure.

Si Es Es Pt 2

12 August 2009   ::
Mastering CSS, Part 2: Advanced Techniques and Tools
By Cameron Chapman

Once again you’re sure to find a couple goodies here.

Let’s Get Down to CSS Business

4 August 2009   ::
Mastering CSS, Part 1: Styling Design Elements
By Cameron Chapman

When Smashing talks, web design and web development people (like us) listen.

Choose Your CMS Weapon

13 July 2009   ::
Ten Simple Rules for Choosing the Perfect CMS + Excellent Options
Noupe Staff

In 2009 every web site should use a content management system (CMS). Our typical weapons of choice are Expression Engine, WordPress, and Drupal


9 July 2009   ::
50 Best-Of Designer’s Download Picks and Resources
By Noupe Staff
SlickMap CSS
By Matt Everson

Good morning! Caffeine and web site design & development go so well together.

Power Publishing To The People

5 July 2009   ::  

Publish Your Own Print Magazine

Publish Your Own Online Magazine
By Vanguardistas LLC

As they say, there are two sides to every story. We hope to be evaluating both of these very soon.

Adobe’s Flash Is So Friendster

29 June 2009   ::
10 Impressive JavaScript Animation Frameworks
By Jacob Gube

Or, 10 Reasons Why Abobe’s Flash Is Falling Out of Favor

Build it and they will use it

21 June 2009   ::
7 Rich & Creative User Interfaces and How to Create Your Own
Noupe Staff

Exciting! Not only what but how.

We Hack (WordPress) Therefore We Are

15 June 2009   ::
22 Mixed Quality WordPress Hacks
By Anders Ross

Another night of even less sleep brought to you by WordPress. Enjoy!

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

6 June 2009   ::
Article Marketing Exposed: Professional How-To’s for Promoting with Articles
By Karen Thackston (

Since requires opening an account we’ll just feed you the best piece right here.

Writing like a Professional

When a blog, e-zine or other publishing website decides to run an article from a third party, it becomes a reflection on its brand. Therefore, publishers look for quality writing. Hone your writing skills for both headlines and content by taking advantage of some free resources like these listed below.

Daily Writing Tips ( This extensive resource offers tips for business writing, fiction and freelance, along with grammar and punctuation tips, vocabulary and basic writing rules. The site is updated often, so it makes a good addition to your feed reader.

The Roberts Group Writing Tips ( 11 Ways to Improve Your Writing and Your Business is an excellent online booklet that gives very practical, easy-to-understand guidelines to writing better copy.

Grammar Girl ( This collection of podcasts hosted by Mignon Fogarty attacks common writing questions, such as “who” vs. “whom,” and other writing stumbling blocks.

Two Weeks Vacation Not Included

28 May 2009   ::
10 WordPress Plugins Guaranteed to Save You Time
By Pranav Shirodkar
40 Exceptional “CMS Enabling” WordPress Plugins

All total it’s almost a plugin a week for the next year. And that’s not including the additional wisdom you might find in the articles’ comments.

“Slowly And Clearly,” Requests The Receiver

25 May 2009   ::
10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation
By Tina

And now ask yourself, "How does Powerpoint differ from any other communication?" (Answer: Not too much.)

The F Word – Part 1

12 May 2009   ::
15 Fresh High-Quality Free Fonts
By Smashing Editorial

A four letter word begining with F that we love to hear… Free. (Note: Some require registration.)

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