Logo A Gogo

17 April 2010   ::  

Designer Days #1 – How To Create An Effective Logo With Help From The Experts
By Addy Osmani

We’ve seen much of this elsewhere before but a current client was asking and this fell from the sky at the right time.

Making It *And* Eating It

30 March 2010   ::  

Building and Maintaining an Online Brand
By Peter Prestipino

A refresher that’s refreshing in its simplicity.

What Parachute Is Your Color?

25 March 2010   ::  

Points of Hue
By Christine Hansen

It’s not what you say, it’s what they see.

Survey Sez – Part 2

25 January 2010   ::  

Entrepreneurs: Mastering The Art Of The Online Survey
By Kern Lewis

The difference between gathering good data and bad lies in how you ask the questions.

Survey Sez…

22 November 2009   ::  

Know Your Clients: How To Build Loyalty With Customer Surveys
By Laura Spencer

Yes, great idea. It’s probably about time we did the same.

Join The Crowd

28 October 2009   ::  

Staying On Message
By Jaikumar Vijayan

For those who are looking for ideas on how to use social networks.

Food For Thought

26 October 2009   ::  

Brand = User Experience: The Interface of a Cheeseburger
By Oliver Reichenstein

Super size it?

Make It Stick

8 October 2009   ::  

Prototype: It’s Brand New, but Make It Sound Familiar
By Mary Tripsas

Making it is hard. Making it stick can often be harder.

Print Is Not Dead. Long Live Print!

7 October 2009   ::  

The Ultimate Round-Up of Print Design Tutorials
By Callum Chapman

Online isn’t the only avenue for getting your message into the conversation.

A Picture Tells A Story – Part 2

3 October 2009   ::  

33 Creative and Beautiful Logos
30 Examples of Brilliant Logo Design
By Henry Jones

Logolicious with a cherry on top.

A Picture Tells A Story

2 October 2009   ::  

Making Unforgettable Logos – Traits of logo designing
25 logos with hidden messages – Amazing Graphic Designing tricks
35 Logos brilliantly using Negative Space: Negative is Positive
All by Charlie B. Johnson

Time to get your logo on.

10 PR Golden Rules

19 September 2009   ::  

Anatomy of a Pitch-Perfect Press Release
By Nancy A. Shenker & Marijane Funess

Say what you need to say.

Context Matters

4 September 2009   ::  

New York Times
Magazines Now Create and Customize Ads
By Stephanie Clifford

It’s not what you say and who you say it to, but how you say it and where you say it.

Blogger Beware

11 August 2009   ::  

Notice Those Ads on Blogs? Regulators Do, Too
By Stephanie Clifford

Mommy bloggers’ vow to avoid ethical conflicts
By Eric Kuhn

Interesting, but it’s not as if conflict of interest is anything new.

Death To The Spin Doctors

6 August 2009   ::  

Interview of Bob Garfield
By Leonard Lopate of The Leonard Lopate Show

An exceptional enlightening experience in approximately 30 minutes. Be sure to check Mr. Garfield’s book The Chaos Scenario.

Sign O’ The Times

1 August 2009   ::  

New York Times
High-End Retailers Offering More Discounts
By Stephanie Rosenbloom

When the going gets tough, the tough keep on adjusting to the expectations in the market.

Bite Sized Food For Thought

27 July 2009   ::  

Where Giveaways Are Valued Most
By Alex Mindlin

It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.

You Are What They See

22 July 2009   ::  

Menus That Sell
By Linda Duke

Many of these ideas apply to collateral other than just restaurant menus.  Food for thought ;)

Power Publishing To The People

5 July 2009   ::  

Publish Your Own Print Magazine

Publish Your Own Online Magazine
By Vanguardistas LLC

As they say, there are two sides to every story. We hope to be evaluating both of these very soon.

Direct Mail: Get Opened

25 May 2009   ::  

The NonProfit Times
Formats: 5 keys to determining the optimum format for your next appeal
By Tom Gaffny

Kudos to Mr. Gaffny for making his Question 1, number 1 on this list. There is never a better place to start than with the receiver of your message.

Maximize Awareness With Minimal Cost

24 May 2009   ::  

Get The Right PR For Your Event In 8 Steps
By Beth Silver

A helpful list that can be applied to more than just events.

You Are What They Think You Are

24 May 2009   ::  

Marketing Matters More Than Ever
By Robert S. Levin

Says Mr. Levin, “The reality is that marketing is on the back burner of most small businesses, but marketing is what puts your company on the front burner of your prospects.”

Leave The Spin At Home

19 May 2009   ::  

How To Improve Your Branding With Your Content
By Rick Sloboda

Talk the talk. Walk the walk. And keep it all in concert.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Develop Better Habits

16 May 2009   ::  

The Keys To Advertising When Sales Are Down
Kim Hiltachk

Naturally, copy, design as well as marketing decisions are all  part of successful campaigns .

Dude, Where’s My Innovation?

3 May 2009   ::  

Sea Change – Surfing champion Kelly Slater
By Alyssa Roenigk

Anyone can think outside the box but how many can claim to think beyond the wave?

The Power of Typography

23 April 2009   ::  

Creative Print Typography Layouts
By Matt Cronin

Fresh examples of how the smart use of typography can effect your visual perceptions.

:: Marketing ::

If The Donald Only Knew

20 April 2009   ::  

The Apprentices
By Helen Coster

Pull quote: "If you want to be remarkable you have to provide an experience."

Disney Studies How to Make More Fat Kids

14 April 2009   ::  

New York Times
Disney Expert Uses Science to Draw Boy Viewers
By Brooks Barnes

This was not in the Business section so we wanted to point it out. Interesting if not somewhat scary. Also, one has to wonder if  a man would be allowed to rummage through the dresser drawers of youngsters.